Plant-based health from holistic perspective examined in Holistic Health Hub at VegfestUK London

23rd August 2019

Being healthy and staying healthy is one of the biggest priorities in the hectic world that we live in. However, health could so easily take a back seat amidst the long lists of other priorities from work, family and other life goals, and quick fixes are often called for when one gets ill and time is at a premium. There are all sorts of advice for, and approaches to, improving one’s health and wellbeing – but one size often does not fit all, and measures that work in curing the short-term symptoms might not be effective in preventing recurrence of ailments in the long term. So which approach works for various individuals and produces genuine results?

In recent years, holistic health has been gaining recognition and prominence by looking at the body as a whole, and looking within  for the specific circumstances and requirements of the individual for achieving and retaining optimal health, whilst sticking to a plant-based diet. As part of the brand-new Natural Therapy Zone at VegfestUK London, the Holistic Health Hub looks in depth at a variety of topics related to turbo-charging your health on a plant-based diet from a holistic point of view.

The Holistic Health Hub is sponsored by Vivo Life, who produces 100% plant-based health and fitness products, to help you look and feel awesome without costing the earth. Their repertoire of products includes their best selling PERFORM protein powder and SUSTAIN Plant Based BCAA protein powder. You can find them at the event at stalls CN3 and CN4 on Level 1 of Olympia Central. Visit their website at to discover the full range of plant based products.

Speakers and sessions


Jill Swyers – Why Plant-Based Living Foods are so Important for Health and Longevity

There seems to be a misconception that changing our diet and/or lifestyle must always be a radical process. This is not necessarily so. PlantBased Living Foods can make an immediate difference by Adding gradually to our current diet and lifestyle, rather than restricting it. It is very important to Understand the Balance for the Body, Mind, Energy, Cravings & Mental Health, when changing to a Vegan or a different food lifestyle. Jill will explain why PlantBased Living Foods are such a powerhouse of Nutrition; how they benefit us directly; how they impact our health and longevity in such a positive way and why the gradual “One Step at a Time with Guidance” approach works so well. Join Jill to learn some of the simple things that you can do in your own home, to start or continue on your way!

Dr. Tushar Mehta – Veganism, me, you, and the Universe

The world is complex, and veganism has grown beyond a dietary choice and into a social movement.  It is a complex and many sided topic.  Animal rights, environment and health are key the key benefits.  For many there is also a spiritual side.  But how do we link these?  Is there are relative importance of these factors? As a physician, I mostly teach about technical aspects of vegan diet. But let’s talk about a holistic and long term view about the being vegan in a troubled world, consider our own dogmas, and think of how we become stronger in our own understanding, mental state, and communicators.  This will be a great talk to have both dedicated activists, chefs, businesses, and the general public together in one space!

Juliette Bryant (Juliette’s Kitchen) – Healing Plants

Join Juliette Bryant as she reveals her top ways to achieve optimum health through a plant based diet. Juliette will explode some of the incredible doorstep superfoods and how to use them in every day life.

Miles Kasiri (Vivo Life) – No Topic off Limits

Youtube star and former pro athlete Miles Kasiri takes to the stage for a no holds barred Q and A on all things veganism.

Rhian Jones (College of Naturopathic Medicine) – Vegan Diet for Vitality

Rhian Jones, CNM Nutrition Director and nutritional therapist, will give a health talk on how you can thrive on a vegan diet and the benefits of it.

John Jezewski (College of Alkaline Nutrition) – The Vegan Diet and Longevity

Learn about the secrets of longevity and look at the root causes of chronic disease in the UK. Find out what supplements will complement the vegan diet to ensure it is upgraded to support supreme health.


Charles Roswess (Ankh Rah) – The connection between sports, exercise and nutrition

Charles chose this industry after being let down by the GP and health specialist who wanted him to accept a condition for life. Charles after going down the vegan and holistic route managed to find a remedy for his condition. He then started his own company supplying natural supplements which have since, won multiple health industry awards and is receiving many 5-star reviews. Charles has since healed himself from a hernia without the operation offered by the hospitals and then started training in Calisthenics which many of the exercises require a strong core showing proof of a complete recovery.

Elizabeth Grace Wright (College of Naturopathic Medicine) – Herbs for vitality

In this health talk Elizabeth will explain the best herbal remedies for vitality, health and boost your mood.

Derek Simnett (Vivo Life) – Ask me Sundays

Following the success of his ‘Ask me Mondays’ YouTube series, holistic nutritionist Derek Simnett is taking to the Vegfest stage for an exclusive live Q&A. Expect countless nutrition knowledge bombs and plenty of plant power!

David W Evans & Agnes Chlebinska – What Everyone needs to know about Nutrition & Health in a Plant-based or Vegan inspired lifestyle

Many vegans or converting vegans aren’t experiencing optimal health because of 10 common mistakes they make! On a personal journey of discovery towards a vegan/plant-based diet, as well as noticing subjective effects such as how they felt or looked, as a medical doctor Dr Agnes was able to monitor their vitamins, mineral levels and other bodily functions. Making mistakes and experimenting while having the knowledge and the ability to interpret all the facts precisely helped them create an optimal lifestyle and nutritional program. Join Specialist in Preventative Medicine Dr Agnes Electra Chlebinska & David W Evans as they reveal the key to thriving and peak performance on a Vegan/Plant-Based diet.

Jacques Brennan – Don’t Just Eat … COOK! 

Sounds like an obvious statement – cooking = food, must be good. Apart from the important, life giving need to eat, when we actually cook ourselves the benefits are sevenfold (7 for good luck). Jacques will expand on the physical, emotional, mental, benefits of cooking.

Brian Jacobs – Hypnotherapy – Use Your Mind For  A Change!

In this interactive presentation you’ll find out what hypnotherapy is,  what it can be used for, who make the best hypnotic subjects, and whether you can hypnotise yourself.

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Holistic Health Hub located within the Natural Therapy Zone on Level 2 of Olympia Central – see floor plan for Level 2 here

Other features at VegfestUK London

VegfestUK London also includes 320 stalls packed with the latest vegan products, a Vegan Food Village with 25 caterers, a New Vegan Support area for beginners to veganism, a Foodies Stage with live music, two Fitness areas, Yoga classes, Cookery Demos, The Art of Compassion Exhibition, talks on Plant Based Health and Veganic Growing, a Natural Therapy Zone, Lifestyle presentations, a Mature Zone, plus talks on Animal Rights and Activism, Vegan Activists Support, the VGN News room and the Animal Rebellion summit.

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