Animal Rebellion summit planned for VegfestUK London Oct 26th 27th 2019

16th August 2019

Animal Rebellion – a loose alliance of some 20 or so animal rights campaigns groups & a number of grassroots activists, in partnership with Extinction Rebellion, the Climate Change Protest group – are planning to take to the streets of London in early October 2019 for 2 weeks of protests and civil disobedience in the name of animal liberation and climate justice, and plans have been announced for 2 days of conferences, panels, speeches and debates following on from their actions, at the UK’s premium vegan event, VegfestUK London, held annually at Olympia London.

Animal Rebellion will host a 2-day programme of talks at VegfestUK, featuring some of the leading individuals behind the movement, with the addition of some Main Stage panels and debates on the Saturday, including future plans, lessons learnt and evaluation of tactics, targets and activities, as well as a look at the media reception to the 2 weeks of actions. The Animal Rebellion summit at London follows on from the successful Movement Building stream hosted by Animal Think Tank at Brighton Vegfest earlier in the year:

Animal Rebellion coordinator Dan confirmed, “We’re really excited to conclude 2 weeks of Animal Rebellion with a full review of its success, ideas and challenges. We already have some of the key players lined up to discuss why we need to rebel, why rebelling is worthwhile, and where Animal Rebellion will be going next. The two days of talks build on the success of the Animal Think Tank’s Movement Building stream at Brighton Vegfest earlier this year where we looked at ‘how’ we would build a social movement behind an Animal Rebellion. October’s rebellion will be a test of what we got right and what we need to learn for the future to build a broad-based anti-speciesist movement that ensures all individual animals have their rights to life, liberty and security of person protected in law.”

VegfestUK organiser Tim added, “We’re thrilled to be hosting such an important and far-reaching collection of individuals, groups and ideas, following on from a long tradition of hosting vegan and animal rights activism debates and summits at VegfestUK. Of course, at heart we are 100% in solidarity with the aims of Animal Rebellion and the activists involved – but naturally our collective heads will question some of the tactics, the effectiveness, the risks, the pushback, the impact both positive and negative on a number of groups of people, and a number of other factors involved in the rebellion. VegfestUK aims to provide a safe secure platform for a number of different views, opinions and experiences to be shared, discussed, critiqued and debated, and in doing so helps aid the development of this new addition to the long history of animal rights campaigns and protests. We very much welcome the addition of Animal Rebellion to the current agenda and look forward to some dynamic, challenging and inspiring presentations, talks & panels at the end of October.”

A number of other animal and activism focused areas are included at VegfestUK London, including the Sanctuaries Fair, raising money for Animal Sanctuaries, The Wildlife Summit hosted by Animal Aid, and a series of support workshops for vegan activists.

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VegfestUK London

Returning to Olympia London for the 7th year running on the weekend October 26-27, this eagerly anticipated event plays host to not only the Movement Building area, the Sanctuaries Fair, the Wildlife Summit and the Vegan Activists & New Vegans Support, but also talks on Animal Rights and Activism, the VGN News room and the VGN Climate Change Summit.

Also included at the event are 320 stalls packed with the latest vegan products, a Vegan Food Village with 25 caterers, a New Vegan Support area for beginners to veganism, a Foodies Stage with live music, the Art of Compassion Project Exhibition, two Fitness areas, a Holistic Health Hub, Cookery Demos, talks on Plant Based Health, a Natural Therapy Zone, Lifestyle presentations, a Yoga Zone, a Kids Yoga area, talks on Veganic Growing, a Mature Zone and a Kids Area.

Each entry ticket includes access to all talks, cookery demos, panels and live music sessions at the show.

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Plant Powered Expo – February 1st 2nd 2020 @ Olympia London

The organisers of VegfestUK are running a new show Plant Powered Expo next February in the National Hall of Olympia London. This new event celebrates the best of a plant-based way of life with 235 stalls, 12 features and 100 speakers. For more information, visit

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